Aadhaar Card Tips: How to surrender an Aadhaar card after someone's death, know here...


The Aadhar card has become a very important document in today's time. If you go to a bank to open your account then you need an Aadhar card. An Aadhar card is also required to avail the benefits of various schemes. This means that if you do not have Aadhaar then many of your works may get stuck. Aadhaar card contains information ranging from your name, address, and phone number to fingerprint.


In such a situation, if it falls into the hands of the wrong person, it can be misused. Therefore, it is very important to think about the security of Aadhaar. But have you ever wondered what is done with a person's Aadhar card after his death? Is there any provision to surrender or deactivate Aadhaar to prevent its misuse? Know here-

Can Aadhar be closed

There is no provision to surrender or cancel an Aadhaar card. But for its security, the Aadhar card can be locked. After locking, no other person can access your Aadhaar data. To use it, the Aadhar card will have to be unlocked first. Apart from this, another way is that the family members should keep the Aadhaar card of the deceased so safe that the card does not reach anyone else's hands and cannot be misused.

How to lock the Aadhar card

     For this, first of all, you have to visit the official website of UIDAI https://uidai.gov.in/. After this click on the option of My Aadhaar.

     Go to Aadhaar Services in My Aadhaar, there you will see the option of 'Lock/Unlock Biometrics'.

     After this, a new page will open. To login into it, you will have to enter the 12-digit Aadhaar number and captcha code. Then click on Send OTP.

     After entering this OTP, you will see the option to lock/unlock the biometric data. You can choose the lock or unlock option you want.


  What happens to Voter ID, PAN, and Passport?

Like the Aadhaar card, there is no provision to cancel someone's passport after his death. After the expiry of the time limit, its validity automatically ends. At the same time, after someone's death, you can get his Voter ID card canceled. For this, you will have to go to the election office and fill out Form 7, after which this card will be canceled. To cancel the Voter ID, the death certificate of the deceased may be required. There is a provision for the surrender of a PAN card. For this, the family member of the deceased will have to contact the Income Tax Department.

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