World Alzheimer's Day 2022: The early symptoms of Alzheimer's are very common, know how to identify


World Alzheimer's Day 2022: When Alzheimer's occurs, the person suffering from it starts forgetting things very easily. Sometimes he repeats the same work over and over again. After all, what are the early symptoms of Alzheimer's, know here.


  • People with Alzheimer's find it difficult to do many household chores.
  • They start having trouble recognizing time, place, color, or someone's face.

World Alzheimer's Day 2022: Alzheimer's is a mental illness, which greatly affects your daily routine. Its main symptom is forgetting things again and again. Yes, memory loss is the main symptom of this disease. According to, it is a brain disease, whose symptoms can be treated if you detect it at an early age and make your life easier. Today (September 21), on World Alzheimer's Day, we tell you which early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease can be recognized and treated at the right time.

Early symptoms of Alzheimer's

To Forget

  • The main symptom of Alzheimer's is that you start forgetting things very easily. Sometimes they forget even everyday things and start doing the same thing over and over again.

Difficult to plan

  • Many times such people start feeling difficulty in making their monthly budget, making some plans, arranging things, etc.

Difficulty with homework

  • Such people start having problems while driving, family location, making grocery lists, etc.

Doubts about place and time

  • Many people start getting confused about a place or a particular time. In such a situation, they start going to the same place again and again or they find it difficult to reach that place.

Visual Imagination Trouble

  • Many people have visual problems and for them, it is difficult to imagine something.

Difficulty reading or talking

  • Such people have the problem of suddenly forgetting vocabulary or topics while talking in public.

Unable to make the right decisions

  • Patients with Alzheimer's experience difficulty in making the right decisions. This decision is also taken in spending money, knowing somewhere, planning to travel, etc.

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