Winter Tips: This health problem can become fatal in winter, be alert like this...


The winter season is so dangerous for some people that even their lives are in danger. These people are victims of such a health problem that they are advised to take special care of themselves at all times. We are talking about asthma patients, who have difficulty breathing all the time in winter. Are you also in the grip of this disease? In this article, we are going to tell you what are the problems that bother asthma patients with colds and what should be kept in mind to avoid them.


This causes asthma
There is a lot of difficulty in breathing with this serious disease. According to experts, in this disease, swelling remains in the respiratory tubes and due to this the way of breathing becomes small or narrow. It is difficult to breathe when the respiratory tubes are narrowed, apart from this, the problem of cough also persists all the time. During this, problems like wheezing in the chest, and tightness in the chest also start. According to statistics, around 235 million people in the world are facing asthma. Due to this, about 40 million young girls become vulnerable to asthma.

Main cause of asthma
Experts say that in places where there is more pollution, there are more chances of suffering from asthma. Contaminated air infects our lungs and this disease occurring in the lungs never leaves behind. Those who are asthma patients, should not go to such places even by mistake, where the level of pollution is high, because it can also lead to a fatal situation.


Stay alert like this
The underlying causes of asthma are not fully understood. This disease is common in the elderly and children. Protection against asthma Asthma patients should avoid dust, mud or open environment and not smoke. Apart from this, drinking cold places and cold water should be avoided. People suffering from asthma should wear a mask while going out. Dust and dirt can make it difficult for you to breathe, which increases the risk of an asthma attack. Apart from this, the routine of breathing exercises should also be followed.

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