Winter Skin Care: Take care of your skin in this way with exercise in winter, know here...


The skin becomes dry and lifeless in the winter season. In this case, proper care is needed. Cold winds almost eliminate the moisture of the skin. Especially when we exercise. If the skin does not get proper moisturization, then dryness and itching start due to stretching of the skin. If you have also felt dryness and itching of the skin during exercise. So it is necessary to take proper care so that the skin can be made soft and soft.


That's why it is important that whenever you are ready for exercise, keep the face and body well moisturized. So that the dryness and itching of the skin do not increase due to stretch.

How to apply moisturizer
Even in winter if you exercise regularly. So after bathing, apply a layer of a good moisturizer on the skin. To apply it, take the moisturizer on your hands and keep it on the skin and let it soak for two to three minutes. This will moisturize the skin well.

To completely remove the dryness of the skin, always choose a good quality moisturizer. Contains essential vitamins and antioxidants. Which helps in making the skin soft and supple. If you have dry skin, a hydrating serum can be used. At the same time, along with the rest of the skin of the face and body, take care of the lips as well. Keep it well moisturized by applying lip balm.

If you do outdoor workouts in winter, do not forget to apply sunscreen. About half an hour before leaving the house, apply good quality sunscreen on the body and face. Because even though the dust of winter may be less, in the long run, UV rays start damaging the skin.


Along with moisturizing the body and face, it is important that with the help of a good cleanser, the dirt accumulated on the pores and skin should be cleaned properly. So that there is no dead skin and acne. Anyway, acne-prone skin needs a lot of care in winter.

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