WhatsApp Transaction Tips: Follow these tips for safety doing transactions with Whatsapp, know here...


WhatsApp has also started the facility of online payment. For online payments, WhatsApp uses the phone number associated with your account to identify your bank account information. WhatsApp does this so that there is no problem in the transaction. All people who make online payments should keep their UPI PIN secure. Everyone should know that your UPI PIN is the 4 or 6-digit number that you need to enter before making a transaction.


UPI Payment is Safe All payments are secured through UPI PIN. This UPI pin is unique. Due to this, all types of transactions are safe. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not forget to share the PIN with anyone else. If you are already a UPI user then there is no need to create a new UPI. WhatsApp allows you to make payments using the old UPI PIN.

WhatsApp keeps on bringing new features WhatsApp keeps bringing new features from time to time for its users. In this episode, the facility was also issued by the company regarding the transaction of money. After the introduction of the new facility, now WhatsApp users will be able to check the balance of their account after every transaction with the new payment feature. Now you will be able to do chatting, calling as well as money transactions with the help of WhatsApp.


Payment will be easy To enjoy this new feature, you will have to use the new feature of WhatsApp, Unified Payment Interface (UPI), and also start bank-to-bank money transfers while making WhatsApp payments. This feature will be similar to all other UPI apps. In this too, the security regarding payment will be the same.

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