Weight Loss Tips: Know here about 15 easy weight loss tips...


Easy Weight Loss Tips
1. Start the day with lemonade or lemon tea.

2. If you want, you can also drink lemonade. For this, lukewarm 1 glass of water and let it cool down. Drink lemon juice and honey mixed in it. It reduces weight and the digestive system is also fine.


3. Triphala powder is very beneficial in weight loss. Keep half a teaspoon of Triphala powder in 1 glass of water at night. Boil this water in the morning till it becomes half. Filter it and let it cool. Keep adding honey.

4. Taking the juice of mint or basil leaves mixed with a bottle of gourd juice helps in reducing weight quickly.

5. To reduce weight, instead of eating wheat flour bread, eat roti made from barley-gram flour.

6. Include fiber-rich foods in the diet- papaya, apple, pineapple, etc. These foods do not allow fat to accumulate in the body.

What to avoid?
7. Stay away from fatty foods, such as burgers, bananas, and sweets.

8. Do not eat biscuits, snacks or bread, etc. with tea.

9. Avoid eating eggs, meat, and seafood.

10. Avoid eating cold drinks, packed foods, packed juices, and oily food.

11. Eat less chapati, rice, and potatoes.


What to do?
12. Instead of sitting in one place, increase your physical activities.

13. Always walk for at least 10 minutes after lunch and dinner.

14. Instead of sleeping for 2-3 hours in a day, relax for half an hour.

15. Do weight-loss exercises, such as swimming, cycling, brisk walking, skipping and aerobics, etc.

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