Weight Loss Tips: How to lose weight without diet and exercise, know easy ways here...


Weight Loss Without Diet & Exercise- Everyone wants to look slim and slim in the changing lifestyle. Even so, the real secret of health is not in obesity, and in such a situation, getting rid of obesity has become the biggest question of today's era. Some people want to get rid of obesity with a strict diet, but due to a strict diet, many times nutrition is deficient in the body. Sometimes, in old age, excessive exercise also causes harm. That's why the search for such methods continues in which weight can be reduced easily and difficulties are reduced.


There are many ways in which success is achieved in reducing weight even without excessive and difficult exercise and diet. Let us know about some such methods by which weight can be reduced. Five easy ways to lose weight

Bran flour instead of flour
According to Health Line, you should also stay away from flour, white bread, pasta, and other refined carbs. Beneficial nutrients and fiber are removed from inside the refined carbs, due to which their consumption damages health. Try to use flour containing bran and reduce the intake of refined flour.

Drink warm and lukewarm water
The first thing is to drink plenty of water because water removes toxic substances from the body. Secondly, by drinking hot water, excess body fat starts reducing easily. Especially warm water should be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning so that the metabolism inside your body is good and this will help in reducing weight.

Repent sweetly
To lose weight, it is advised to eat less sugar. Actually, due to excess sugar, the speed of digestion of food in the body slows down. It has a direct effect on weight. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, then reduce the intake of sugar and sweet things. If there is a craving for sweets, then it would be very good to consume jaggery or honey.

Green tea and other hot drinks
Green tea is specially prescribed to reduce weight. Its body fat is less. Drinking two or three green tea regularly also increases the metabolism of body and also detoxifies the body. If you want, you can also drink lemon water with honey or boil cumin or celery in water because these also increase the metabolism of the body.


Reduce the use of refined oil
Oil should be eaten less anyway. Do not use refined oil while cooking. Whether you want to use mustard oil, groundnut oil, or rice bran oil. Even in refined oil, the elements that are better for health are removed while refining, and instead of losing weight, they increase the weight.

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