Weight Loss Tip of the Day: Click here to know about 8 quick tips for weight loss...


1. If you want to lose weight, then wake up in the morning and drink lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice. Drinking daily will lead to weight loss.

2. Drinking lemon juice and honey in 1 glass of lukewarm water every morning on an empty stomach causes weight loss.


3. Lemon-ginger-honey tea can also be drunk like lemonade. Heat 1 cup of water in a pan. When it boils, take it off the flame. Add 1-1 tsp honey and lemon juice and mix well. If desired, sugar can also be added.

4. Drink green tea once a day. It contains antioxidants and elements like caffeine, which help in reducing weight.

5. In addition to green tea, you can also drink black tea if you want.

6 To lose weight, drink 2 tsp aloe vera juice mixed with 1 glass of water.


7. Eating 10-12 curry leaves daily in the morning also reduces weight. Eat them continuously for 3-4 months.

8. Taking lemon juice mixed with honey and cinnamon powder helps in reducing weight.

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