Weight Loss: Eat these 5 things during Navratri fast, you will lose weight fast...


Fasting Food For Weight Loss: If you are fasting for weight loss during Navratri, then you need to take great care of diet. Often people eat things like kuttu puri, parathas, pakodas and fried potatoes during the fast. Due to which the weight increases instead of decreasing. If you are fasting keeping in mind the weight loss, then you should eat such food which will fill the stomach and also reduce the weight. Let us know which things you can consume during fasting to reduce obesity. What can you eat if you feel hungry during fasting?


What to eat during fasting to reduce obesity
1- Dry fruits and nuts- The body needs energy in fasting. For this, definitely eat dry fruits. Eating dry fruits increases good fat in the body. You can eat 1 handful of nuts of your choice throughout the day during the fast. This will give you instant energy and you will not feel hungry for a long time. You can also eat soaked dry fruits.

2- Pumpkin and Gourd- You can eat roti made of buckwheat or water chestnut during fasting. You can eat these rotis with pumpkin or gourd curry. With this your stomach will also be filled and weight will also be reduced. You can cook these vegetables in green chili and cumin. Eating gourd helps in rapid weight loss.

3- Curd- Do include curd in fasting diet. Eating curd keeps the stomach healthy. It detoxifies the body and curd also helps in weight loss. Those who eat curd daily, their immune system also becomes strong. Sweet lassi or rock salt and roasted cumin powder and buttermilk can be drunk during the fast. This will give instant energy to the body and will also reduce weight.


4- Fruits-Vegetables- Include more and more fruits and vegetables in the weight loss diet. Eat lots of fruits of your choice during fasting. By this the body will get vitamins and minerals. Eating fruits also helps in weight loss. Make seasonal fruits a part of your diet. Apart from this, eat cucumber, tomato, carrot and beetroot in the form of salad. You will lose weight fast.

5- Coconut- Drink coconut water daily during fasting. This will keep the body hydrated and the body will get energy. If you want, you can also eat raw coconut. You can make buckwheat cheela and eat it with coconut chutney. With the electrolytes present in coconut, you can keep yourself charged on the day of fasting. Apart from this, definitely include dairy products like cheese in the food. This will keep the stomach full and the weight will also be reduced.

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