Weight Loss: Do not do these 5 mistakes during workout, it will be difficult to lose weight..


Many people who go to the gym to lose weight, only do cardio exercises, this is not enough to get rid of obesity, you should also emphasize strength training, only then the desired result can be achieved.


Working out to the limit
Some people want to get slim very quickly, and in such an attempt they start exercising excessively, but you should refrain from this, as it puts extra pressure on the muscles and bones. This increases the risk of fracture. Therefore, before exercising, take the advice of a trainer.

Do some exercise
Some people exercise only for 15 to 20 minutes and expect that their weight will be reduced, then it is a big mistake. You should exercise for at least 40 to 45 minutes, only then the difference will be visible.

Take care of calories too
There is no doubt that you should keep exercising to lose weight, but if you do not take care of how many calories are being taken in the diet, then instead of reducing the weight, it can also increase.


Consuming more protein after a workout
There is no doubt that protein is important for our health because it works to build muscles, but if you take excessive protein after a workout, it will become difficult to lose weight. You can consume lentils, spinach and eggs in a fixed quantity.

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