Voter ID-Aadhaar Link: How to link Voter-Id with Aadhar Card, Click here to know the process...


The Election Commission is running a special campaign to link Aadhar Card and Voter ID Card. The commission claims that this will avoid duplication in electoral rolls and will also help in preventing rigging in elections. The central government had brought a bill to amend the election law. This bill has been passed by the Parliament and has now become a law. After this, the way to link Voter ID and Aadhar card has been cleared. However, this linking process is completely voluntary. Voters will not be forced to link.


Link Voter ID-Aadhaar with NVSP Portal
>> To link Aadhaar and Voter ID card, one has to first register on NVSP (National Voter's Service Portal) –
>> Now click on Electoral Roll on the home page of the portal.
>> Then enter your Voter ID details.
>> Now click on Feed Aadhaar No on the right side and enter the details of Aadhar card and EPIC number.
>> After this OTP will come on your registered mobile or email.
>> As soon as you enter it, a notification will appear on the screen on the linking of Aadhar and Voter ID.V

Link Voter ID-Aadhaar through SMS
You will have to send an SMS to 166 or 51969 requesting for Voter ID-Aadhaar link. There will be a special format of SMS which will have to be sent in the form of Voter ID number Aadhar_number.


Link to Call Voter ID-Aadhaar
You can also link Voter ID and Aadhaar by calling the call center number. Both can be linked by calling on the number 1950 and giving information about your voter ID and Aadhar card.

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