Vastu Tips: These simple and surefire remedies of Vastu will make all your work, know about them...


Vastu Tips: Having positive energy in the house brings economic prosperity, happiness, splendor, and good health to the house. At the same time, our work also starts being done, but if negative energy enters the house, then the person has to face many kinds of difficulties. The work which is 100% guaranteed to be done, also gets spoiled by the time it is made. This happens due to the presence of Vastu defects in the house.


Some such measures have been given in Vastu Shastra, by adopting which we can bring happiness, peace, and prosperity to the house and we can also carry out our deteriorating works in the right way. Astrologer and Vastu consultant Pandit Krishna Kant Sharma is giving more information on this subject.

Do not keep the window open
If your works also get spoiled by the time they are made, then according to Vastu Shastra, there may be a shortage of land elements in your life. This happens when the person works while sitting in a place where the window behind him is open. So if you are a professional, then always keep in mind that the window behind the place where you sit and work is not open.

No picture of ruins
In today's era, many people like to put classical pictures or paintings in their homes or office, but Vastu Shastra believes that any type of ruins or broken fort, etc. on the wall of the east side of the house. Applying a photo or painting can be harmful. If this happens to you too, then remove it from there immediately. In its place, you can put a photo or painting of flowers or the rising sun.

Room color
Directions and colors have an important place in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra believes that light colors should be chosen in the east direction of the room. Apart from this, choosing green in the north direction of the house, white in the east, light blue in the west, and light red in the south direction increases positive energy in the house.


Drainage direction
According to Vastu Shastra, the direction of drainage in the house is also determined. According to Vastu, the direction of drainage coming out of the house should be kept in the North or North-East direction. Apart from this, the water tank can also be placed in the south, southeast, or southwest of the house. Keeping the water tank in these directions ensures the arrival of money in the house.

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