Vastu Tips: These are very easy remedies for salt, which will keep the environment of the house healthy, know here...


Namak Vastu Upay: We all use salt to enhance the taste of food. No matter how well food is prepared, if there is no salt in it, it will become tasteless. If a little salt is less or more in the food, then the taste of the whole food gets spoiled. Indore resident Pandit Krishnakant Sharma, astrologer and Vastu consultant says that very few people know that ordinary-looking salt is beneficial for taste and health as well as luck. Let's know the remedies for salt.


While mopping
According to Vastu Shastra, if your progress in the job has stopped for a long time, then add some salt to it while mopping the house. You don't need to do this work every day. You can also do this once or twice a week. It is said in Vastu that by applying a salt cloth in the house, chances of getting money start forming. Along with this, positive energy also comes into the house with a mop applied with salt.

Keep salt in the toilet or bathroom
If you feel that the effect of negative energy has increased in your house, then you can fill salt in a glass cup and keep it in the toilet-bathroom of your house. By doing this, the negative energy present in the house is destroyed.

Bathe the baby
To protect small children from the evil eye, the remedies of salt have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra. According to this, once a week, you can bathe small children by putting a pinch of salt in the water. If seen from a scientific point of view, bathing with salt water does not cause allergy-related diseases in children.


Remedy for chronic illness
If someone in your house is suffering from illness for a long time, then you can take the remedy of salt. For this, keep salt in a glass utensil and keep it on the head of the person suffering from the disease. Change that salt once a week and put in new salt again. By doing this, gradually the health of that person will be seen improving.

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