Vastu Tips: Know here the Vastu Tips related to Chakla-Belan...


Chakla Belan Vastu Tips: Chakla belan is used for making roti in every house. In such a situation, let us tell that Chakla Belan plays an important role in our life. In such a situation, let us tell you that according to Vastu beliefs, there are some Vastu tips related to chakla, which people need to know about. If the tips related to Chakla-Belan are not considered, then it can cause problems in the house. Today's article is on this topic. Today we will tell you through this article what the Vastu tips related to Chakla Belan.


Which color chakla is not to use?
One should never forget to use black-colored chakla-belan. It is believed that by using black-colored chakla-belan, Shani dosha occurs, due to which bad luck also starts walking with you.

Why not use a wet chakla?
Let us tell you that by using a wet wheel, a person has to face many negative situations. In such a situation, whenever you wash the chakla belan, first of all, wipe it.

Why is there shortage of money?
Whenever you make roti in the chakla, keep in mind that the dough does not stick to it. Otherwise, it may lead to shortage of money.

On which day do not buy Chakla Belan?
One should not forget to keep chakla belan on Tuesday and Saturday.


Why not keep the chakla upside down?
If you keep the chuckla upside down, then the person has to face unnecessary problems.

Don't play the chakla-belan?
One should not make any kind of sound while making rotis on the chakla belan.

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