Vastu Tips: Don't consider these flowers as ordinary, they remove the tension of relationships...


Vastu Tips: Who doesn't like to have lush green trees and plants in their home? Be it home or office, by planting trees and plants, the atmosphere there remains pleasant. Trees and plants not only look good, but they also bring peace to the mind. According to Vastu Shastra, trees and plants in the house increase the flow of positive energy. Some trees and plants are used as decorations. At the same time, it has been told in Vastu Shastra that there are some such plants, and planting them in the house brings progress, happiness, and prosperity. Vastu Shastra says that planting flowers and plants gives relief from stress. Along with this, mental peace is also achieved by seeing them. What are those flowers, whose plants are auspicious to plant in the house?


If seen from a religious point of view, the Champa flower is considered a sacred flower in Hinduism. The flowers of the Champa plant are used in worship. The fragrance of the flower of this plant brings freshness to the atmosphere and it also works to purify the atmosphere.

Vastu Shastra believes that by planting the Mogra plant, negative energy ends in the house. Mogra flowers bloom in summer and their fragrance is so sweet that it refreshes the mind and calms the anger.

Many people like to plant roses in their homes. Rose is not only beautiful to look at. Rather, its fragrance is also wonderful. Rose flower is also full of medicinal properties. The fragrance of rose flowers calms the mind and also removes stress.

Vastu Shastra believes that every person must plant a jasmine plant in the courtyard of his house. Planting jasmine plants in the courtyard of the house gives auspicious results. By planting a jasmine plant in the house, positive changes are seen in the life of the family members.


The parijat plant is considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra. Parijat flowers are useful in worship. In the house where there is a plant or flower of Parijat, there comes peace and prosperity. These flowers bloom only at night and fall off the tree by themselves in the morning.

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