UPI Transaction Tips: There will never be any loss in UPI transactions, take these precautions, know here...


In today's time, with the help of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), it has become easy to send money digitally, and receiving money has also become very easy. But as it is getting easier. Similarly, it is becoming easier for scammers to cheat people. They always harm people with their new tricks. Users should take great care of some things. Otherwise, they can be a simple target of scammers. If you make an online payment with the help of UPI, then you must keep 5 things in mind.


You should check your UPI ID 2 times before any transaction
If you are going to make the payment, then before that you should check the UPI ID 2 times whether you are paying in the correct ID or not. If you are taking money from someone with the help of a UPI ID, then you send the correct UPI to them. This way you can avoid wrong transactions.

Never share your UPI PIN with anyone
Never share your 4-digit or 6-digit UPI PIN with anyone. Many scammers are like this. Those who tell you that we are from the bank and take your PIN, OTP, Password, etc. You should never share your information with anyone.

Keep screen lock on the UPI app
If you are using any UPI application. Like Google Pay, Phone Pay, etc. You should keep the screen locked on this application. This greatly reduces the chances of you being defrauded by the appearance of your phone being stolen or misused.


Avoid using more UPI applications
There is no benefit in using more UPI applications. It leads you to mistakes instead of profit. So it will be better if you use only one UPI application. You can use more UPI if you want.

Do not click on any unverified link
Many times we get lots of SMS and fraud links on WhatsApp and Email on our phones. Please refrain from clicking on such links.

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