Travel tips: Celebrate Valentine's Day in a special way this time, plan a romantic trip with your soulmate..


Valentine's Day 2023: We are all aware of the fact that everyone loves to travel. Nowadays, people also go on solo trips to roam around, but the season is of love and affection, so everyone likes to do something special for their partner. Some partners take a lot of interest in trying new travel destinations. So this year, if you are looking for a new romantic and pocket-friendly destination to surprise your partner on this "Festival of Love", then this news is of great use to you, through this article we are going to tell you some such destinations. , where you will never feel regret after visiting. So let's know about special destinations…


Pachmarhi located in the Hoshangabad district is a very beautiful destination place in Central India. Here the songs of waterfalls flowing in a very calm environment have been very successful in attracting tourists and people. If you are planning to relax then you can visit this destination in a very good and pocket-friendly package.

Champak Bungalow
Champak Bungalow is one of the premium hotels in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, which provides first-class accommodation in Pachmarhi to its guests. Please tell us that it is operated by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. The speciality of this bungalow is that you will see greenery everywhere. Along with this, the design has been done tremendously by using a lot of rose flowers. This one is eco-friendly.


Tawa Reservoir
Tawa Reservoir is a beautiful and perfect destination in the Hoshangabad district situated on the Tawa River in Central India. The Tawa Dam was constructed here in 1978, which provides irrigation facilities to the agricultural community fields. After a few years, this place was explored by many tourists and it became a big tourist destination. Most tourists like to visit this resort in winter and monsoon. Cruise boating service here in winter is also a big USP of this destination.

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