Travel Tips: These 5 places are best for fashion and shopping lovers, Must visit for the shopping....


Every woman wants to have the world's unique accessories and be up to date with fashion. And the fashion accessories should also be unique and special. Fashion enthusiasts always like to follow the latest trends. There are many places in the country and the world where there are famous boutiques. You can head to these places for your latest fashion. Today we are going to tell you about some of the cities of the world which are known for fashion. So if you are also fond of fashion, then definitely go here once.


The special thing about the fashion of Paris is that you will get to see the latest trends here, as well as you can buy vintage clothes here. That's why don't miss visiting here.

* New York-
New York City is named first in the world of fashion. The city has outlets for many famous fashion brands. Here you will get to see the latest trends.

* London-
Seeing the amazing boutiques here, you will be confused as to which boutique to shop from, there are so many boutiques that you will get tired of shopping.

* Milan
If you are fond of fashionable and designer label clothes, then definitely go to Milan. Many fashion shows are also organized here.


* Delhi-
Nowadays everyone wants to do shopping in Delhi even for big or small functions. Because many options from international brands to street fashion will be seen here.

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