Travel Tips: Mother's famous temples are there not only in India but also in foreign countries, visit this Navratri...


Shardiya Navratri 2022: It is Shardiya Navratri from 26 September. Navratri is a special nine-day festival of worship of nine forms of Goddess Durga. In this festival, people worship the goddess. They keep fast and go to temples to bow their heads. Even though Navadurga is worshiped in Navratri, there are many forms of Mother Goddess. There are 52 Shaktipeeths around the world, but not all Shaktipeeths are located in India. Devi's Shaktipeeths are also in foreign countries. In such a situation, if you want to visit the Shaktipeeths of Goddess outside India, then you should know in which countries the Shaktipeeths of Mother is located and what are their names. Here is a complete list of Shaktipeeths of Mata made in foreign countries.


Hingula Shaktipeeth in Pakistan
There is a Shaktipeeth of Mother Goddess in Balochistan, India's neighboring country of Pakistan. The name of the ancient temple of Mata located in Pakistan is Hingula Shaktipeeth. Hinglaj Devi is worshiped here. It is believed that the head of Mother Sati fell at this place. This famous Shaktipeeth is also called Nani Ka Mandir or Nani Ka Haj. This Shaktipeeth is considered miraculous. It is said that many times the terrorists attacked here but there was no damage to the Shaktipeeth.

Mansa Shaktipeeth of Tibet
There is also a religious Shaktipeeth of Hindus in Tibet near India. Here is the Mansa Devi Shaktipeeth on the banks of river Mansarovar. It is believed that the right palm of Mother Sati fell here.

Indrakshi Shaktipeeth of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, located in the south of India, also has the famous Indrakshi Shaktipeeth of the goddess. In Jaffna Nallur, the mother is called by the name Indrakshi. Mother Sati's anklet had fallen at this place. According to mythological beliefs, this Shaktipeeth was worshiped by Devraj Indra and Lord Rama.

Three Shaktipeeths in Nepal
Aadya Shaktipeeth- There are many Shaktipeeths in Nepal. Adya Shaktipeeth is situated near the Gandak river in Nepal. It is believed that the left cheek of Mother Sati fell at this place. Gandaki form of Mother Goddess is worshiped here.

Guheshwari Shaktipeeth - There is a Guheshwari Shaktipeeth in Nepal, which is located on the banks of the Bagmati river, some distance from the Pashupatinath temple. It is believed that both the knees of Mother Sati had fallen here. Here Mahamaya form of Shakti and the Bhairav ​​Kapal form of Lord Shiva are worshipped.

Dantkali Shaktipeeth - There is a Dantkali Shaktipeeth in Bijayapur village of Nepal. It is said that the teeth of Mother Sati had fallen here.


Shaktipeeth of Sati in Bangladesh
Ugratara Shaktipeeth- There are total five Shaktipeeths in Bangladesh. Ugratara Shaktipeeth is situated on the banks of the Sunanda River. It is believed that Mata Sati's nose fell at this place. It is said that here Mata Sati resides with Shiva Trimbak in the form of Goddess Sugandha.

Aparna Shaktipeeth- The anklet of Mata Sati's left foot had fallen in Bhawanipur village in Bangladesh. This Shaktipeeth is called Aparna Shaktipeeth.

Shrisail Mahalakshmi - In Sylhet district, the place named Shail is the Shrisail Shaktipeeth of Goddess. Mother Sati's throat fell at this place. Here the Mahalakshmi form of Mother is worshipped.

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