Travel Tips: Explore these budget-friendly places in Delhi to celebrate Republic Day, know here...


Republic Day 2023: Republic Day is celebrated grandly and grandly in the country's capital Delhi. This festival is celebrated every year on 26 January. From this day the constitution has come into effect. On this day people go on vacation and grandly celebrate Republic Day. If you are also planning to visit on the occasion of Republic Day, then you can explore these places located in Delhi. Let's know-


Sanjay One
You can visit Sanjay Van on the occasion of Republic Day. This forest is spread over 443 acres. You can visit Sanjay Van with your friends and family. Here you can see a lot of wildlife.

Bhardwaj Lake
You can go to see Bhardwaj lake with your friends on Republic Day. There is a dense forest around this lake. For this, a large number of birds have shelter around this lake. If you are a bird lover, then Bhardwaj Lake is the perfect destination. Apart from this, you can also enjoy trekking near Bhardwaj Lake.

Champa Gali
If you want to celebrate Republic Day grandly, then go to Champa Gali. Champa flower trees have been planted in large numbers in this lane. The name of the street for this is Champa Gali. This beautiful street is in Saket, South Delhi. Champa Gali has budget-friendly cafes.

Majnu Ka Tila
If you have never been to Majnu Ka Tila, then you must visit on the occasion of Republic Day. There is Tibet Market near it. It is a small colony. This city was established in the year 1950. You can also enjoy Tibetan flavors at Majnu Ka Teela.


Tughlaqabad Fort
Tughlaqabad fort was built between 1321 and 1325. It was built by Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq. The fort of Tughlaqabad is also known as the ruined fort. It is said that this fort is cursed. It is forbidden to stay in the fort after dusk. There are 13 doors to enter this fort. On the occasion of Republic Day, you can go to Tughlaqabad fort with friends.

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