Travel: Long weekend from 26 January, go to these tourist spots to enjoy vacation..


This time Thursday is falling on 26th January. If you want, you can make the Republic Day celebration memorable by travelling. Know where you can go for a long weekend in January.


Mathura-Vrindavan: If you want to go on a religious journey on the long weekend starting from January 26, then go to Mathura-Vrindavan to visit Banke Bihari ji. This place is a great location to enjoy travelling along with inner peace. (Photo: Insta/@iskon_vrindawan)

Visit the Taj Mahal: To make the long weekend falling from Republic Day memorable, you can go to see the Taj Mahal. The winter season is going on and it is best to visit Agra at this time. (Photo: Insta/@scalino)

Kanatal, Uttarakhand: If you want to spend your holidays in the middle of the mountains in such a place where there is not much crowd, then you should go to Kanatal, the hidden tourist destination of Uttarakhand. This location, surrounded by greenery and situated amidst litigants, has a unique world within itself. (Photo: Insta/@photographers_of_india)


Rishikesh: If there is mention of the short trip on a long weekend, then how can Uttarakhand, the main tourist destination of Uttarakhand, be ignored? Along with religious importance, adventure sports and delicious food can be easily enjoyed here. (Photo: Insta/@lone_fotography)

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