Train Cancellation: Continuation of cancellation of trains continues, 167 trains were canceled today, know how to check the status online...


The process of cancellation of trains continues even today. Indian Railways canceled 167 trains (Cancelled Train list 25 Nov. 2022) on Friday 25th November as well. Apart from this, the railway has also diverted the route of many trains. Railways keep updating their list of canceled trains. Hence the number of canceled trains may increase or decrease. Therefore, to avoid inconvenience, you must also check the status of your train before going to the railway station from home.


Railways have to cancel trains due to bad weather, maintenance of railway tracks, and other operational reasons. Today Indian Railways has completely canceled 133 trains. 34 trains have been partially canceled today. Apart from this, Railways has also rescheduled 22 trains today. Today, the Railways have to run 34 trains by changing the route. The trains that have been canceled include passenger, mail, and express trains.

Checklist like this
Most of the services of Indian Railways are now available online. This has brought a lot of convenience to the passengers. Information about canceled, rescheduled and diverted trains are given on the website of Indian Railways and IRCTC. You can check the status of the train sitting at home. To know the status of the train, one has to visit the railway website or the link of IRCTC website We are telling you how to know the status of the train from the website of Indian Railways.

-To check the status of the train, visit

-On this, you will see the Exceptional Trains option. Select it.

-Now you have to fill in the captcha.

-After doing this, click on the Exceptional Trains option again.

-Here the option of canceled, rescheduled, and diverted trains will appear.

-By clicking on these, you can know about the canceled, rescheduled, and diverted trains.

-By clicking on Train Exceptional info, you can check the status of the train by its name or number.


Changes in the train ticket booking system
Passengers can now book unreserved tickets up to 20 km from the UTS ON MOBILE App. This has happened due to changes in the UTS (Unreserved Ticket System) system of the Railways. Earlier, passengers could book general tickets only up to 5 km from the UTS on the mobile app. Even now the distance has been extended in the sub-urban areas. Earlier, where tickets could be booked for a distance of up to 2 km, now passengers can book a general ticket for a distance of up to 5 km.

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