Tips To Check Purity of Desi Ghee: Are you buying fake products in the name of Desi Ghee? know how to check its correctness...


How To Check Purity of Desi Ghee: Desi Ghee has its importance in the Indian kitchen. It has been used for thousands of years from making food tasty to making the family healthy. Whether making dishes at festivals or massaging a small child, cow's desi ghee is associated with our lives in many ways, but these days many fake products are being found in the market in the name of desi cow's ghee. Consumption of them can harm instead of benefiting health and can also spoil the taste of food.


You can easily identify adulterated cow's ghee at home on your own. So let us tell you here how you can test the purity of desi ghee at home and identify the real fake.

Identify the purity of desi ghee in this way at home
identify by temperature

Desi pure ghee is very sensitive to heat. To test this, keep ghee in your pinch or on your palm. If it melts in a moment then it is pure.

Test with salt
Melt a spoonful of ghee and add a pinch of salt to it. If its color is turning light purple, then know that there is an adulteration of starch in it which can be dangerous for health.

Use of sugar
Melt a spoonful of ghee in a jar and put some sugar in it. Now close it and shake it well and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. If vegetable oil is mixed with ghee, then the red color will be seen at the bottom of the jar.


Identify by heating
Heat one tsp of ghee on the gas. If it melts immediately then that means it is pure ghee but if it is taking time to melt that means it is adulterated.

Freezing test
Melt cow's ghee in a jar and fill it and keep it in the freezer. After a few hours, if the layer starts appearing in it, then understand that it is adulterated ghee.

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