Tips For Bride: There is only one month left for marriage, so take care of yourself in this way...


As the wedding day approaches, it is important to take care of yourself during this time. By correcting your routine and eating habits, you will be able to make your health and skin more beautiful. At this point, you should spend time only on yourself. So that on the day of marriage and in the days after that you remain healthy and light is visible on your face. So let's know how to take care of ourselves in thirty days of marriage.


By the way, people keep booking pre-bridal packages in the parlor for skin and face care. But to go to the parlor also you have to give separate time. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face regularly at home. This will keep the skin of the face healthy.

Usually, there is a tradition of applying turmeric powder before marriage. But avoid applying turmeric on the face. Because the color of turmeric does not fade away quickly from the face. Due to this, there will be a problem with doing makeup. Along with this, these turmeric spots will also be seen in the wedding photo. That's why don't apply turmeric at all for a few days.

-Mix lemon juice and raw milk and apply it at night to bring a natural glow to the face. Applying it three times in the first week of sleeping brings a glow to the skin. Because lemon lightens the skin tone and raw milk acts as a moisturizer.

-To improve the complexion of the face, in a quick recipe, cut slices of potato and apply them on the face. This will naturally bleach the face.

-Do scrub once or twice a week. They work to remove dead cells. Due to this tanning is removed and the face looks soft.

-Include liquid things in the diet. Due to this, the skin remains naturally hydrated. Drink juices and drink lots of water. Also, eat fresh homemade food and leave outside food completely for a month.

-Consume fruits and vegetables. This will also reduce weight and detox the body. Due to this, the face will look full.

-Set a time to sleep at night. Don't spend time on your mobile and laptop late at night. Otherwise, the dark circles under the eyes will not end. Get plenty of sleep.

-Do exercise lightly. Due to this, the body does not look active and the face does not look tired.


-If you want to buy cosmetics for the wedding day, then definitely try them. If you are allergic, then it can be cured in a month and you can buy the right cosmetic.

-Take care of your hands and feet too. Get a manicure-pedicure done. Also, wear gloves and socks to avoid sun tanning.

-Apply olive or almond oil for hair care. This will not make hair dry.

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