Thekua Recipe: Make Thekua very soft on Chhath, everyone will like it..


Khasta Thekua Kaise Banta Hai: Chhath Puja is incomplete without Thekua. Thekua is definitely made in everyone's homes on Chhath festival. There is something else about Thekua with Prasad. It looks so tasty to eat that even sweets fail in front of it. Thekua is first offered to the Sun God and then it is distributed as Prasad. Thekua is very much liked by everyone, from children to elders. Today we are telling you how to make Thekua. In this way your Thekua will become very crispy and mild. Know how to make Thekua for Chhath.


Ingredients for Thekua
1/2 cup jaggery
1/2 cup semolina
2 cups wheat flour
1 teaspoon fennel
1 tbsp chopped almonds
1 tbsp chopped raisins
2 tbsp dry grated coconut
4 ground green cardamoms
1/4 cup desi ghee
Ghee or oil for frying

Thekua Recipe
1- First of all, break the jaggery finely and add cup of water and cook till it dissolves. Keep stirring it in between.
2- When the jaggery dissolves, turn off the gas and filter the water containing jaggery. Now put cup semolina in it and make a batter.
3- Now to prepare the dough, mix wheat flour, fennel, almonds, raisins, coconut, cardamom and ghee in a bowl.
4- After mixing all the things well, add jaggery-semolina solution to it and knead a hard dough for thekua.
5- If you want, you can also add some milk or bean to it. While kneading the dough, keep in mind that you have to knead hard dough only. Now keep the dough covered for 10 minutes.
6- Now take a dough from the dough and while mashing it with your hand, press it into a round shape with your palm. In this, make any design with the help of fork. Or make thekua in a mould.
7- Heat oil in a pan and keep the flame medium. Add thekua and after cooking for 1-2 minutes from one side, flip it. You have to roast them on medium flame till they turn golden brown.
8- All thekuas are to be fried in the same way. Delicious and soft Thekua is ready.
9- You can use them in Chhath Puja or eat them with similar food.
10- Keep thekua in a box and keep it closed. You can eat them for a full 15 days.

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