Teeth Care Tips: Do not take tooth decay lightly, this is how to identify and treat it...


How To Identify Tooth Decay- Pain in the teeth, bad smell from the mouth, and bleeding of the gums, these symptoms point towards the rot in the teeth. If these symptoms are not treated at the right time, then the infection in the decaying teeth increases, and gum disease can occur. Which can affect the whole body. There are more than 700 types of microbes in a person's mouth.


These microbes maintain the natural balance of bacteria, viruses, and other organisms in the body. Some bacteria are good for the body and help in digestion. At the same time, some bacteria are harmful and can cause disease and infection. These bacteria live in the mouth along with acid, viruses, and fungi and can cause tooth decay. Tooth decay can lead to a variety of teeth and gum-related problems. Which is very important to recognize in time. These problems can also become the cause of pyorrhea or ulcer.

Causes of tooth decay
The problem of tooth decay starts when many things like sugar and starchy things like- cakes, candy, soda, bread, and cereals get stuck in between the teeth. These things stick to the teeth even after brushing. The bacteria present there help in digesting them due to which they turn into acid. The bacteria and acids present in the mouth form plaque. Which gradually reduces the enamel of the teeth and causes tooth decay. Tooth decay and decay can cause a hole in the teeth called a cavity. Cavities increase the risk of tooth damage and gum disease.

Symptoms of tooth decay
When the teeth start rotting, the mineral loss of the teeth starts and white spots start appearing in the teeth.
There can be more pain in the teeth and gums.
Teeth become more sensitive.
There may be a cavity in the tooth.
There may be an infection in the tooth.
There may be swelling on the face.
In many cases, the patient may also have a fever.


What is its treatment
– Extraction- In more serious conditions, the doctor can implant new teeth by removing the rotten teeth of the person.

– Fluoride Treatment – ​​Fluoride is a natural mineral that protects and repairs tooth enamel.

  -Filling – If the cause of tooth decay is a cavity, the doctor will remove the decayed tooth with a small drill and fill it with a filling.

– Root Canal – A root canal is done in more serious cases. During a root canal, the decayed tooth is removed and a crown is placed in that place.

- To protect teeth from decay, proper hygiene and care of teeth must be done. If there are more problems with the teeth, be sure to consult a doctor.

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