Tax Refund: The work of filling income tax return is complete, now the refund is waiting to come, Know how to check status...


Delhi-based Anjali works in a multinational company. He has a habit that every work has to be completed on time, whether it is office work or work related to income tax or other financial things. Due to this habit, Anjali filed her ITR as soon as she started filing income tax returns. Now that the last date of ITR has passed since July 31, Anjali is worried about her refund. His CA had told that after all the deductions, he would get a refund of Rs 15,000 from the Income Tax Department, but even after a month of filing the return, he did not get his refund, then now he is worried.


Like Anjali, there would be lakhs of taxpayers who would have filed their ITRs in early July for early refunds. If such taxpayers are worried about refund, then they can check their status online. For this, you will need PAN, Aadhaar and mobile number, which should be linked with your Aadhaar.

In how many days refund is received
Tax experts and CA Girish Narang says that according to the Income Tax rules, refunds start coming within 20 to 60 days of e-verification of your ITR. If no refund has been received even after this time has passed, then you should check the e-mail received from the department. You can also check your refund status online.

How to check refund status
-First of all go to
-Log in by entering your PAN card details.
-Then click on e-file option.
-Select Income Tax and click on View Filed Return.
-Here you can see the status of your ITR.
-You can now view the refund status of your ITR by clicking on View Details.


What to do if the refund did not come
If you have not received the refund even after the passage of time, then first of all check your registered e-mail. If the Income Tax Department has stopped your refund due to some discrepancy, then mail must have come about it. If you see an error, it can be fixed. If not, you can also complain about it to the Income Tax Department. For this, the help of e-filing portal or toll-free number issued by the department can be taken.

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