Study Tricks: Children can't remember anything even after studying for hours, Parents should help children like this...


Study Tricks: Every parent wants a bright future for their child. They try to focus on their education and food from the very beginning to make their child a capable person. But sometimes children forget the answers during the exam even after studying for hours due to the stress of studying for the exam. If this is happening to your child as well, then instead of getting angry with him, take special care of these things.


Don't let the kids rote
While teaching children, explain the topic to them and do not let them challenge you. Remember, if your child forgets to rote, he will not be able to write a single line on that topic in the exam. So teach the child to understand and remember.

Teach by example in life
When children hear something related to their life, they always remember it. For example, children often forget dates in historical subjects. In such a situation, to remind them of the date, add those dates to their birthday so that they remember all the dates.

Remember the song
When your kids are reciting something boring, sing it to a song or poem. When children listen to and hum the lines of songs from subjects like Science, English, and Hindi, it becomes easier for them to remember the study.


Amendment also required
After teaching any lesson to the child, revise it the next day. If he remembers these topics over and over again, he will remember them perfectly. By doing this children will not forget their studies.

Don't pressure kids
Parents often put pressure on their children to study. You don't even remember the studies done at such a time. Do something that makes them want to study. Study them according to their mood. If they read under pressure or pressure, they won't remember anything.

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