South Indian Dessert: Try Moong Dal Payasam as dessert, know the method here...


Moong Dal Payasam Recipe: Let's try something new for lunch or dinner today i.e. Traditional South Indian Dessert (Moong Dal Payasam)


Ingredients: To make Dal:
3/4 cup moong dal
2 cups water
1 tsp ghee

To make Payasam:
1 cup jaggery (grated)
half a cup of water
one and a half cups coconut milk
1 tbsp ghee
half cup cashews and raisins
2 tbsp shredded dry coconut (fried in ghee)
1/4 tsp cardamom powder


-Heat ghee in a pressure cooker and fry the moong dal until fragrant.

-Add water and cook for 3 whistles.

-Melt the jaggery and water in a pan. Filter it when it cools down.

-Mix the cooked lentils well in the jaggery syrup and keep it on the flame.

-Then add coconut milk to it and boil it.

-cook while stirring continuously.

-Add cardamom powder and fried cashew-raisins-coconut, mix well and serve.

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