South Indian Breakfast: Make delicious Paudi Idli for breakfast, know here the recipe...


South Indian Paudi Idli Recipe: Let's try something new in food today i.e. Delicious, Tasty, and Crispy South Indian Paudi Idli.


-8-10 mini idlis
-2-2 tbsp peanuts and gram dal
-1-1 tbsp urad dal and tamarind pulp (optional)
-2 whole red chilies
-2 - 2 tsp sesame and dry coconut (grated)
-half tsp cumin
-few curry leaves
-1 tsp jaggery (grated)
-salt to taste
-Ghee as required


Fry peanuts, whole red chilies, chana dal, urad dal, sesame, coconut, cumin, and curry leaves in a pan.

Turn off the flame and let it cool down. Put in blender.

Add salt, tamarind pulp, and jaggery to it and grind it.

Heat ghee in another pan, add idlis, and fry them lightly.

Switch off the flame and add Pauri masala, mix well and serve.

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