Solo Trip in India: These places in India are best for a solo trip, know here...


Best Places for Solo Trip: Who does not like to travel? But, many times the plans of friends or family members and your plans do not match. In such a situation, it often happens that sometimes your trip gets canceled because of someone and sometimes because of someone else. So if you are also one of those people who are not able to travel with their friends or family members because their dates match, then you can also plan a solo trip. This means the fun of traveling and roaming alone, eating.


Now you must be thinking that where will you go for a walk alone, and how will you enjoy it. So let us tell you about some places in India where you can not only go on a solo trip but also enjoy it a lot.

Rishikesh is counted among the best and most favorite places of India, where tourists not only from the country but also from foreigners reach. So if you are planning a solo trip then you can plan to go to Rishikesh. The special thing is that here the arrangements for ashrams and food are also free. You can enjoy many beautiful locations including Rishikesh's Ganga Aarti, Laxman Jhula, a beautiful temple, ashram, Vashishtha cave, and Geeta Bhawan.

Pink City i.e. Jaipur is also a great place to visit. If you are planning a solo trip around Delhi, then Jaipur can be the perfect destination for you. The special thing is that the Jaipur trip is also very budget-friendly. Here you can visit places like Govind Devji's Temple, Gudiya Ghar, Ramnivas Bagh, Choolgiri Temple, and Hawa Mahal.

If you want to go on a solo trip and are looking for peace, then Dharamshala can also be the best destination for you. It is the birthplace of the Buddhist saint Dalai Lama, where a large number of people reach for mental peace. This can be the best destination for a solo trip.

Ziro Valley
When it comes to solo trips, Ziro Valley comes first on the list of travel enthusiasts. This place full of natural beauty has managed to attract people towards itself. Every year ' the Zero Festival of Music is organized here, which people reach from far and wide.

Puducherry is also the perfect destination for a solo trip. Here you can enjoy many adventure games including scuba diving. And if you are fond of food, then here you will get tremendous options of food, which you can enjoy.


Kovalam, Kerala
Kovalam, the point here is different. You can enjoy a budget-friendly solo trip at this place full of natural beauty. Here you can enjoy houseboats and good hotels are also available here on a low budget. Hawa Beach, Lighthouse Beach is one of the popular destinations here.

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