Solo Travelling Safety Tips:  Every woman traveling alone should take special care of these things, know here...


Solo Travel Safety Tips: Traveling only with family is no longer a condition. It is also related to doing something different from everyday routine and also living your life according to your way. Due to the world becoming virtual nowadays, although facilities related to travel, lodging, food, etc. are also available everywhere and are also easily accessible, but still, by taking care of some things, you can make your travel more pleasant and can make it enjoyable. Especially if you are traveling solo.


If you are alone on the journey, keep these things in mind
Take care while choosing the place. Don't choose any tourist place just because someone you know went there or the place looks good in the photograph. Instead, do a complete study before the trip. Is that the right place according to your choice and convenience? Which weather will be right to go there and what facilities can be found there for solo travel.

Smart wallet required
Fill the luggage as much as you can lift it and run away in difficult times. Use a smart wallet. Means less cash, and working more with cards. If you are going abroad, then keep some currency there and also download the local mode of payments there on the phone.

Necessities according to the place
Whether you go to the beach or the mountain, every place requires certain things in terms of weather and conditions. Like beachwear or boots are worn in the snow. In such a situation, people often buy them and take them with them. If you want to avoid the hassle of carrying extra luggage and luggage, then search for the best rental means in those places in advance. For this, opinions can also be taken from local hotels or shops. If you are worried about hygiene, then sanitize the above means from a day before and then use. Beach ware can be easily washed and dried.

Mobile balance
Keep your mobile SIM ready with location-wise prepaid balance and data. Try not to use Wi-Fi everywhere. Even if there is no Wi-Fi, then your mobile data can be useful. For this, choose the best connectivity SIM and plan.

Do not share travel information on social media
Be careful about two things regarding your social media accounts. The first is not to enter the date and time of your departure and return, travel, hotel, etc. here in advance. If you want to pour it, you can put it after moving around. Keep the same thing in mind with photographs. Secondly, if you have any good friends or acquaintances from a local place on social media, then definitely take their opinion about that place offline.

Carry the bag
Be it air travel or train travel, always keep your cabin luggage or small bags with you in a ziplock, do not leave it open. Otherwise, if you miss a little attention, it can create trouble for you.

Full location information
Take complete information about the local transport, language, and food of the place you are going. Keep in mind what the least important words like help, bathroom, food, hotel, police station, etc are called in the local language. According to your food habits (vegetarian-non-vegetarian) keep finding the option at that place.

Don't trust any unknown
Don't trust anyone blindly. Especially in cases like staying at someone's house, eating food, or taking a lift. Even if you have to do this, then definitely keep basic safety equipment like paper spray, a small knife, etc. with you and share the location and name, etc. with your family while going anywhere.

Travel documents
-In case of going out of the country, especially make sure to get travel insurance. With this, you will get a protective shield from yourself to your belongings, which will be very useful in difficult times.

-Carry at least four photocopies of all your important documents like Visa, Passport, Aadhar Card, etc. in a pouch with you. Show the original documents only when needed and keep them back with you.

-Do not be in panic when you miss a flight, train, bus, etc., and do not trust anyone and go with him. Instead, take further information from the officials at the airport or railway station itself.


Say alert
-Instead of going to any secluded place all alone, stay around a group and reach your hotel or taxi, bus, etc. on time.

-When traveling in a group or with family, you have to be less vigilant about yourself, but when living alone, every responsibility is on yourself. So do complete planning in advance and enjoy your trip with all the necessary safety equipment.

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