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Dairy Products And Skin: We have been hearing for a long time that milk and other dairy products are very beneficial for our health. Elders are heard saying that milk or other dairy products prove to be effective for strong bones and healthy skin. Although some people are also seen saying that after giving up dairy products, their skin has become better. Do Dairy Products Really Cause Skin Damage? Those who blame dairy for skin-related problems, are they right? Are dairy products responsible for eczema and pimples and dull skin?

According to a report in News18, a recent study, whatever you eat affects the health of your skin, especially dairy products. Not all dairy products prove to be bad for our skin. However, it always proves right to consume them in limited quantities. Fermented dairy products like yoghurt, curd, kefir, paneer and cheese are very beneficial for heart and bone health and weight control. Instead of completely stopping the use of dairy products, they should always be used in balance. However, sometimes some problems related to its use are seen. Let us know how dairy products affect the skin.


1. 'Casein' is a protein found in cow's milk and dairy products. This protein works to increase the levels of many hormones including insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), prostaglandins, prolactin and steroids. Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), is a synthetic hormone. It is often administered to cows by farmers to boost milk production. All these hormones, especially IGF-1 increase sebum production. This causes oily skin and pimples.

2. Dairy products are mixed with sweets or other sweet foods, which destabilize insulin levels. Apart from this, it also causes hormonal imbalance. Skin conditions such as pimples, rosacea, and eczema as well as other skin problems such as acanthosis nigricans, amyloidosis, pigmentation, and dryness are caused by an increased susceptibility of the body to infection and inflammation, which can be attributed to elevated levels of insulin. is due to.


3. Lactose is found in dairy products. It is a sugar which is naturally found in them. To enable the body to absorb sugar, our system breaks it down using an enzyme called lactase. Not all skin problems are caused by the use of dairy products. However, it can still cause some problems related to the skin. Skin health is also affected by many reasons, such as food, stress, heredity, sleep, hormones, pollution, smoking and drinking habits, etc.

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