Skin Care Tips: Try face pack of dates in skin care, skin will look fresh and shiny even in winter...


Benefits of dates for skin care in winter: Dates are included in the list of healthy dry fruits. Consuming dates, especially in winter is considered very beneficial for health. But do you know that dates work not only for health but also for skin care? In such a situation, by applying Dates face pack in some special ways, you can make the skin bright and shiny even in winter.


Rich in nutrients, dates are considered the best source of calcium, antioxidants, potassium, iron, and phosphorus. In such a situation, a face pack of dates in skin care during winter helps keep the skin soft and glowing. So let's know about some unique benefits of making a date face pack and applying it in skin care.

How to make a date face pack
To make a face pack of dates, take 3-4 dates. Now take out the seeds of dates and soak them in milk overnight. Make a paste by grinding this mixture in the morning. Now add 1 teaspoon of cream and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to this paste and mix it well. Your dates face pack is ready.

Use of data face pack
Avoid applying dates face pack directly on the face. In this case, first of all, clean the face by dipping cotton in rose water or milk. Now apply the dates face pack on the face and neck. Then leave it to dry for 20 minutes. Now wash the face with fresh water while massaging the face and neck for 5 minutes. For better results, use a date face mask twice a week.

Benefits of applying date face pack
By using a date face pack, you can get rid of the problem of pimples, acne, and tanning on the skin. At the same time, to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, the use of a date face pack is also best.


Applying a date face pack regularly also reduces the looseness of the skin and helps in skin tightening. Apart from this, by trying date face pack in winter, your skin looks soft and smooth.

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