Skin Care Tips: If the cream is used on the skin, then there may be side effects, know its major disadvantages here...


Malai side effects: The use of natural remedies is quite common to make the skin glowing and beautiful. At the same time, many people also use Malai to give a soft touch to the skin. But do you know that there can be some side effects of applying cream on the face? Please tell us that the use of cream on every skin type can be harmful at times.


Of course, the use of cream in skin care can prove to be the best moisturizing agent for the skin. But cream does not suit all types of skin. In such a situation, by applying cream, you are likely to have many problems related to the skin. So let's know which type of skin cream should not be used and what damage can be caused by applying cream on the skin.

Do not apply on oily skin
People with oily skin types should avoid applying cream on the face. The smoothness of the cream helps increase the sebum production of the skin. Due to this not only extra oil starts coming on your face but also your skin pores get blocked. At the same time, the bacteria present in the skin pores can also give rise to many skin problems. That's why do not use the cream on oily skin at all.

Stay away from pimples prone skin
The problem of pimples on oily faces is quite common. Whereas cream works to increase the amount of oil on the skin. Due to this, your skin pores start closing and the bacteria present in the skin can cause pimples and acne on the face. That's why cream should not be used on pimples or acne-prone skin even by mistake.


Do not use on sensitive skin
-Avoid using cream even on sensitive skin. By the way, the cream is not harmful to all sensitive skin. But many times by applying cream on sensitive skin, you can see many reactions like burning, itching, redness, and allergies on the face.

-That's why try to avoid cream on sensitive skin. However, if you wish, you can use the cream after doing a patch test on the advice of a doctor.

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