Skin Care: Rice water can remove the problem of oily skin in a week...


Skin Care: Having oily skin is a big problem for girls because excessive release of oil from the skin makes the skin appear sticky and also gives rise to the problem of pimples and pimples. Don't know how many products girls use to get rid of oily skin, but it doesn't have any special effect. Today we are going to tell you such a recipe for this oily skin which can prove to be a panacea for you. This problem can be solved by an ingredient present in your kitchen, neither you need to spend much money nor do you need to work hard for this, let's know what is that home remedy?


Rice water toner will do wonders
Rice water is made in all of our homes, but after making rice, we often throw away its water, although you can get rid of your oily skin problem by using rice water. You can use rice water as a toner. This is because rice water works wonders even in a Korean skincare routine. Koreans use rice water for glassy and flawless skin

Benefits of Rice Water
Let us tell you that when we wash rice, its water looks like a light milky liquid, it is the starch that comes out of rice, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Toners made from rice water are rich in vitamins b1, c and e. Ferulic acid is present in toners made from rice water.

Benefits of rice water
Rice water makes the skin tight.
Rice water removes oil from the skin.
Rice water is very effective in removing the problem of dry skin in winter.
You can use Rai sweater to lighten the skin tone.
This removes the problem of dead skin cells of the face.
Rice water can be used to reduce loose skin and wrinkles. This can also remove the problem of aging.


Know how to make Rice Water
Put rice in a bowl and wash it thoroughly
Then soak the rice overnight
By morning, the rice bran will start appearing in liquid form.
Now strain it and put it in a spray bottle
Apply toner twice a day after washing your face.

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