Skin Care: If the skin becomes dry in winter after a bath, then use this decoction instead of soap, know here...


Dry skin in winter troubles almost every human being. The dryness of the skin increases especially after bathing. The reason is hot water. Most people like to take bath in hot water in winter. Because of this the remaining moisture of the skin also ends. On the other hand, soap makes the skin drier. If you are troubled by the dryness of the skin after bathing, then use homemade ubtan instead of soap. It will not let the skin's moisture get lost and the skin will remain soft even after bathing in hot water. So let's know which homemade Ubtan to use instead of soap.


Instead of soap, you use homemade ubtan for bathing. So its benefit is more for the skin. By applying Ubtan, the dead skin of skin gets cleaned. Due to this natural shine comes and tanning ends. By removing dead skin, the skin becomes soft.

To make Homemade Ubtan you will need
Seven to eight soaked almonds, one cup of gram flour, half a cup of oatmeal, two pinches of turmeric powder, powder of neem leaves, and rose water.

Make a paste of almonds. Now take almond paste in a bowl. Take gram flour, turmeric powder, oatmeal powder, and neem powder along with it. Mix all these things and prepare a thick paste by adding rose water. If your skin remains very dry, then instead of rose water, you can also use raw milk.

Clean this boil by applying it all over the body. Ubtan exfoliates the body very well. Also opens the closed pores by cleaning the dust and soil. Due to this the skin starts glowing and the skin also gets moisture.

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