Relationship Tips: Why is winter called Cuffing Season? In this season people find partners!


In the world of dating, every person tries to find a partner for himself. If you live alone for a long time, then this thing can bother you more. But if we talk about winter then it's a different thing. Especially in the wintertime, everyone wants to have such a person with whom we can talk our minds. But have you ever noticed why this thing always happens in winter? Let us tell you that the winter season is also called the cuffing season. Today we will explain to you in detail what is meant by this term.


What is cuffing season?
The winter season is also known as the cuffing season as people find partners during the holidays in this month. Samantha Burns, author of the book Done with Dating: 7 Steps to Finding Your Person, has written that this is the season when we find a special person for ourselves. With whom we can sit and talk and overcome our loneliness.

Why is a partner needed in winter?
People feel more irritable in such weather. Many people also become a victim of winter depression. This is the time when we feel the need of being with someone. Let us tell you that a dating app was surveyed in America, according to which almost half of the single people believe that they feel the need to date in winter. The survey of this dating app revealed that people do not like to be alone in the winter season.


At this time people are more desperate to find their partner. This season also shows negativity in a way. You will be surprised to know that Europe's winter is called wretched because during this time most people are victims of Seasonal Affective Disorder. When the temperature drops in winter, mood swings occur, due to which chemicals like melatonin and serotonin in the body fluctuate.

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