Relationship Tips: These signs show that your partner does not trust you, talk openly today...


Signs Your Partner Doesn't Trust You: It is very important to have trust and faith in a romantic relationship. In its absence, there can be a difference in both communication and behavior. Mistrust in a relationship can be due to many reasons. For example, being unfaithful in past relationships, fear of breakup, lack of self-confidence, etc. In such a situation, to correct the habit of doubting the partner, it will be necessary to know whether it is so or not. According to Bestlife, here we tell you about those major signs, which can be understood from your partner's behavior or his questions, etc. that he doubts you. Know how.


Signs that tell that your partner is suspicious of you
Habit of checking the phone

If your partner goes through your text messages, phone records, emails, DMs, or location data when you are not around then it is a sign that there is a lack of trust in your relationship.

Asking multiple questions about the same thing
If your partner constantly questions you about your whereabouts, your identity, friends, or your plans then they are doing it because they do not trust you or think that you are cheating on them.

Asking probing questions
Sometimes when your partner asks you so many questions that you feel trapped, then it can be a reason to doubt. For example, 'I thought you were coming straight home from work, but instead of only 15 minutes driving it took you hours. where did you go...

Having problems being social
If your partner knows you outside or says 'I trust you but I don't trust him' when you go out with friends, that means he has a lot of apprehensions in his mind. Even if they do not have proof of this, but still they do not want to send you alone in your social circle.


Getting agitated over not picking up the call
If you have gone somewhere without them and are unable to answer calls or their messages due to being busy, then they get upset. Not only this, they start saying anything in excitement. It shows that they do not trust you and are looking at you with suspicion.

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