Relationship Tips: Make your relationship strong, follow these 5 tips for an interdependent relationship...


Interdependent Relationship Tips: It has often been seen that people enjoy the initial years of marriage a lot, but gradually the heat of the relationship starts decreasing and unnecessary estrangement starts. The biggest reason for this is considered to be over-expectation about each other. Experts agree that it is not always so easy to keep a marriage fresh and cooperative. This can happen when you are mentally strong and believe in building more bonding than emotion.


Many relationships fall apart because there is a lot of difference between likes and dislikes and they want to control each other's life. In such a situation, bitterness increases in the relationship and there is a difference in the bonding in the relationship. In such a situation, an interdependent relationship comes in handy. In this relationship, two people live more like life partners than each other's emotional partners and avoid becoming a burden on each other. Let us know the tips which can help in making your relationship inter dependent.

Create your own identity
In a relationship, keep in mind whether you are trying to capitalize on someone's identity. That is while living with your partner, neither forget your identity nor try to make your partner lose his identity.

Communication required
Try that there should always be communication between you and you stay with each other by being honest and accessible. You listen carefully to each other's words and avoid making accusations.

Try from your side
To maintain love in the relationship, try as much as possible. To be your best version of yourself, first, identify your own needs and try to fulfill them yourself. Only then will you be able to become a good partner. Remember that a good relationship always involves compromise and sacrifice, but do not forget your dreams in this affair.

Me time needed
Despite being busy all the time, take time for yourself. Do what your heart desires at this time. Fulfill your hobby and do something good. By doing this you will feel free and you will not feel suffocated.

Set your boundary
Building a boundary does not mean being selfish or hiding things from each other, but it also means taking care of one's own life. Meaning that you should know that only maintaining a relationship in life is not the only job.


These things are also important
-Don't be afraid to state your needs or desires.
-Learn not to do.
-Make a personal goal and achieve it.
-Spend time with family and friends. Follow your values.

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