Relationship Tips: How to know if your partner loves you or is cheating on you...Follow these tips...


If you are in love with someone and love your partner very much, trust him a lot, you have started dreaming of living life with him and you are carrying out your relationship with great honesty and truthfulness and If you care about your partner a lot, then it is absolutely right that you should expect the same love, trust, truth and belongingness from your partner. But sometimes I also think that he is not cheating on me. If you think that your partner cannot cheat on you and trust him completely, then you do not have to worry. If you think that there is some change in your partner now, then you can know in these ways whether your partner loves you or is cheating...


* Ignore:
If your partner is not taking any of your things seriously or is not accepting any of your right things or has started doing that work intentionally which you do not like, or is not accepting your mistakes or in your mistakes If you are not correcting or not responding to anything related to your mistakes, then it means that your partner is ignoring you.

* Stealing eyes:
Someone has rightly said that those who talk eye to eye, nothing remains in their mind and those who do not talk eye to eye, there is a thief in their mind. If you want to know how much your husband is concerned about you, then pay attention that when your husband talks to you, does he talk with his eyes in the eyes. In this way you will get to know everything about your husband.

* Not believing anything of yours:
If anything of yours is not affecting him nor is he worried about any of your feelings. If he starts talking about some other girl all the time or is not listening to you or telling lies to love, then it means that he has no love for you in his heart.


* Not showing the phone:
If he is in a relationship with another girl, he will never show you the phone. If he does not allow any call record, message or Facebook, WhatsApp chat from his phone, then understand that he is hiding something from you.

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