Relationship Tips: Does your crush also love you, do love test like this..


Love Tips: Is your love one sided. Do your crush thinks about you the same way you think about your crush? Many times it happens, when you feel love towards a friend but you are afraid to tell him that he may not accept it and get away from you. So whenever you make up your mind to propose to your crush, first of all know from these tips whether he also feels love or affection for you. Let us know how we can find out...
When it's Unlimited
If your crush thinks about you the way you think, then he will feel like talking to you. His words will not end. To know the heart of the crush, you call them, message them and if they agree to talk all the time, then it means something in their mind for you too.
Ready to meet
If your crush is ready to meet you all the time. He is happy about it too. If he talks about meeting again and again, then understand that there is love for you in his heart, that is, something is going on.
Call by nick name
If your crush calls you by your nick name, the number is saved in his phone with your nick name, then it should be understood that he likes you. The crush is in love with you and wants or needs to be close to you.
Share personal things
Whenever your friend starts sharing personal things with you, then understand that he is in love with you. Because any person tells everything to someone only when he starts believing it closest to the heart.

Love message with emoji
If your crush shares emoji with you. If you use emoji more during a message or chat, then it should be understood that he too has a crush on you. He is trying to convey the message of his heart to you through emoji.

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