Relationship: Do not let self-guilt become the reason for the destruction of the relationship, seek the help of your partner...


How self-guilt affects relationships: Many times it is seen that even strong relationships slowly collapse like sand without getting hurt, that too without any complaint. The biggest reason for this is considered to be some kind of guilt in the mind of the partner. Let us tell you that there are many types of this guilt, which create a rift in the relationship in different ways. Considering yourself responsible all the time in a relationship also works to keep your distance from real love. Such thinking increases mental stress and problems arise in the relationship.


Guilt can happen to anyone and sometimes it becomes a burden on the relationship. Here we are telling how the partner starts taking everything in guilt or guilt.

1. Survival Guilt, in which the person thinks that I am not comfortable living or feeling better than others.

2. Separation Guilt, in which a person starts thinking that he should not be separated from his partner because by doing so the partner will be sad because of him and will feel betrayed.

3. Omnipotent Responsibility Guilt, this man starts to understand that he is the only one responsible for fixing everyone's problems.

4. Self Hate, in which he starts feeling that I am not worthy of being happy.

What do the experts say?
Every kind of guilt affects the relationship somewhere. For example, if only one person considers himself responsible for fixing every problem and problem of the partner, then it can make the relationship cumbersome. In such a situation, it is necessary that both together fulfill each other's responsibilities and give each other a chance to open up.


What is the reason
Experts consider his childhood as a major reason for this. If since childhood a person has seen his parents living in trouble or maintaining a relationship, then it affects the child's mentality.

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