Reduce Belly fat: Your fat will melt like wax with these 3 yogasanas, do this daily...


Reduce Belly fat: Due to poor lifestyle and food, increasing weight is becoming a problem for people. Increasing weight not only spoils the personality of a person but also increases the risk of serious diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases. Weight plays an important role in a fit body. If your weight is increasing then it needs to be controlled. Diet and workout are the most important tools to lose weight. Due to poor diet, the problem of obesity has become common these days. If you want to reduce your weight without going to the gym and doing heavy workouts, then it is possible with some yoga sitting at home. However, before making up your mind to lose weight, it is important to think that what is the reason for weight gain? Is your diet not right or due to some disease, you are not gaining weight etc. There are many such exercises in yoga which are related to the breath and increase the metabolism in our body. Yoga not only makes our body flexible, but also the muscles become strong.

Melt fat like wax with these yoga poses
Pad Chakrasana

To do this, first lie down on your back. Relax the whole body. After this, raise your right leg and rotate it slowly for three rounds in the clockwise direction. Increase it to five and finally to 10 rounds. Do the same with the left money. When you have been doing this for a few days, then do clockwise and anti clockwise rotation with both legs. Increase the sets according to your body's ability. During this, keep in mind that your knee should be straight and your body should be flat on the floor. Keep in mind, people who have any problem related to blood pressure, heart or stomach, they must take expert's opinion before doing this yoga asana. In the beginning, do clockwise and anti clockwise rotation with one leg. When your ability increases, slowly do leg rotation with both legs. Pad Chakrasana is the best yoga asana to cut belly fat and strengthen the spinal muscles.

To do this exercise, lie down on the ground on your back. Relax the body and keep your palms beside the body and look upwards. Relax your solders too. After this, while exhaling, bend your right knee and bring your thighs near your chest and while breathing, do rotation in the same way as you ride a bicycle. Do this for three rounds and then increase it to 5 and finally 10 rounds. Do the same with the other leg and finally repeat it with both the legs. Your rotation should be exactly the same as pedals are hit in a bicycle. This tightens the abdominal muscles and gets rid of fat.
Note, people who have any problem related to BP, heart and lower back, they should first take the opinion of a specialist and only then do this asana.

Surya Namaskar
This posture of yoga is most famous. This asana not only helps in melting the fat but also helps in toning the whole body. There are 12 yoga postures in this. Doing Surya Namaskar for 10 to 15 minutes is beneficial for the body.


To do this asana, raise your body with the help of your legs and pull it forward. Take the hands back and turn the palms towards the feet. Then lift the legs upwards and try to move the head backwards. Keep in mind, according to your ability, move the body up and the head back. This position is exactly the opposite of the push-up posture.

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