Public Displays of Affection: Why don't people like PDA culture? know their opinion...


Expressing love is not a bad thing, but sometimes loving openly becomes overwhelming. This open love is called Public displays of affection ie PDA. Many such cases have come to the fore in India, in which PDA has attracted the Anti-Love Squad. Couples were threatened several times and their videos were also made. Recently, a similar case had also come to light from Lucknow, where couples were expressing their love on the bike.


Internet users are divided after a video of a girl kissing a boy on a bike went viral. After this case, the opinion of many people has also come to the fore, in which they told why they do not like the PDA culture. Let us know their opinion…

My husband never did that
Talking about it, the woman says that she also used to like PDAs to a great extent. But after so many years of marriage, whenever she sees such a couple, her courage starts responding. I feel jealous. She can never admit it in front of others and this is the only reason why I hate PDA culture so much.


This is outrageous
One person says that he is completely against PDA because I think it is disrespectful. Such people do not even care about the people around them. Many of us are not comfortable with the PDA culture. Think and see that when elders see couples doing this, they feel ashamed. On the other hand, some people do not have any problem with this. He takes it as fun. They don't care what people do. For some people, it is just a way of having fun.

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