Party Special: Make this new dish Veg Kadai for the party, know the recipe here...


If you are worried about what to make special for the party, then we solve your problem. Today we are telling you the method of making Veg Kadai. The flavor of mixed vegetables and spices doubles its taste.


-1 tomato
-150 grams capsicum (red, yellow, and green) cut into cubes
-2 green chilies (cut lengthwise)
-1/4 cup baby corn
-2 carrots
-10 beans
-200 grams corn
-120 grams broccoli
-1 tsp red chili powder
-1/2 tsp turmeric powder
-1 tbsp coriander powder
-1/2 tsp garam masala
-6-8 cherry tomatoes chopped
-half tsp fenugreek leaves
-Ghee or butter for frying
-salt to taste

For Paste:
3 big onions, 4 tomatoes chopped, 10 cashews (grate all together).


Cut baby corn, carrots, and beans into pieces and boil them in water along with broccoli and corn.

Then heat butter or ghee in a pan and fry green chilies, capsicum, and tomatoes in it.

Now add boiled vegetables to it and fry for 3 minutes more.

Then add all the powdered spices, some water, salt, and the prepared paste and cook till the gravy becomes thick.

Add cherry tomatoes and fenugreek leaves.

Serve hot with roti.

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