Parenting Tips: When the second child comes into the house, take care of the first child like this...


In households where there are two children, the age gap between the two children can be as much as 2-8 years. It depends on many conditions. The arrival of a small child can also be a tough challenge for the older child. In such a situation, it is also the responsibility of the parents to first prepare the child for this challenge with a good environment and positive thinking. After all, the decision to bring both children into the world is yours. So you have to teach the child to build a strong relationship with his brother or sister and adjust to situations before beginning. Know how some things can help.


Don't let the feeling that everything has changed
Things suddenly start to change for the child who has been pampered by all as the only little member in the house till now. Even if you have told her everything before the arrival of the new baby, you have prepared her for this for the whole nine months, but when the baby comes into the house, it is not easy for the first child to accept it so easily. Psychologists believe that if the child is not properly explained at this time, then this nature can become even more aggressive and can remain a part of his personality even further. So first of all try to be comfortable with the child. Don't give her more unnecessary caress and pampering than before, which is often done by parents in gilt. Don't divert attention from him completely. Treat him with ease as you have been dealing with him before.

Explain responsibilities
A few months after the start of the second pregnancy, gradually introduce the baby to his future brother or sister. Tell him that if he becomes Badi Didi or Bada Bhaiya, then his responsibilities will also increase. Without her help, parents will not be able to do many things alone and they will have to take care of the baby at times. Make the baby realize that even after the arrival of the new baby, there will be no change in his condition

Increase bonding with a child
Tell the child that you prepared in the same way when he was about to come into the world. If possible, show him old photos. So that she realizes that you are as attached to her as you are to the new baby. Whenever you get time, sit with the child and look at old photographs, tell him about his childhood.


Don't explain too much to very young children
If you expect a child of 2 or 3 years old to understand all the situations immediately, then it is impossible. Along with the newborn baby, such a small first child also needs all your attention and care. So change your routine according to both the children. At this time, both the parents should prepare such a routine with the help of family or friends, if possible, so that along with both the children, you can get ample opportunity for rest.

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