Parenting Tips: Every mother should ask these questions to increase bonding with her daughter...


Every mother should ask these questions: Being a parent is the happiest experience in the world. However, with this happiness also comes many responsibilities. Raising children is not easy. It is also an important responsibility of the parents to prepare the children mentally and physically for a good future. Children are soft, sometimes they are not able to tell their parents their minds or problems, so it is necessary to build such a relationship with the children so that they can speak their minds without any hesitation.


-The responsibility of a parent increases even more when you are raising a daughter. Many times daughters are unable to speak their minds due to hesitation, shame, and fear. In such a situation, the role of the mother becomes very important. A mother should always treat a daughter in such a way that she considers the mother as her close friend. For such bonding, the mother will also have to adopt some methods. To increase bonding with her daughter and to understand her mind, every mother should ask some special questions every day. These questions will enhance the personality of the daughter… let's know about them…

-How was your day?: After coming from school every mother should ask her daughter how was her day. However, do spend a few minutes with him with this question and also take information from him about three things that he liked and three things that he did not like. In this way, she will learn to express herself.

-What kind of physical activity did you do in school? There are different physical activities in the school on different days so that the children remain physically fit. In such a situation, you can question the daughter about the physical activity of that day. Ask them whether they liked that activity or not.

-Is anything done better than before? Children live every day in a new way and learn something new every day. In such a situation, you can know from them what did you do today in which earlier less was better. Along with this, you can also get information about what new you have learned today.

-What made her happy the most?: Shortly after your daughter comes home from school, you can try to find out what made her happy the whole day. With this question, the daughter will be able to understand better that even small things matter in life. Then whether it is the A grade marks received from the teacher or the happiness on the face after helping someone.


-What about any new devilry? Children do mischief and this is one aspect of childhood. Children keep on doing one or the other mischief in school, so you should also be aware of this. Because before the complaint comes from the school, you should know. You ask whether you have troubled someone or someone has troubled you.

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