Parenting Tips: Do your children also hesitate to do new work? Parents should adopt these special tips, know here...


Ways to Support Children: Every parent wants to raise children well. But sometimes they have to face a lot of problems when they teach children some new habits or do some work. Many times we make children used to doing such things or teach them what they do not like to do. Many times parents have the impression that we will not put pressure on children, this is wrong thinking. With this, you suppress the feeling of being inspired in children. Sometimes a little pressure can be put on the children to teach them.


Do the child's mind first: If you are about to teach or make the child do some work that he does not like, then it is necessary that before and after that work, you should make him do some favorite work or game. With this, he will try to join nonfavorite work. For his favorite activity, he will try to do that work well.

Allow transition objects: If the child is doing something he enjoys or is in a place he likes to be. But, if you want him to do some other work then slowly try to wean him out of it. Try to divert his attention so that he can get out of one work and get busy in another. For this, you can use the transition object to distract his mind.

Introduce non-favorite activities: Parents should always keep in mind that while pressurizing children, they should put more emphasis on the methods of teaching and explaining them. Explain to them about that work through books, videos, or through games. Explain to them the need for that work.

Use timer: You can use a timer to increase the activity of children towards work. You can give him a warning of 5-10 minutes so that he will try to complete the work as soon as possible with concentration. Along with this, the child is mentally prepared to do the warning as well. In this tip, keep in mind that there should be a clock in front of them so that they can see the decreasing time.

Understand the attitude of the child: If the child is not showing awareness in doing any work then first of all the parents must know what is his attitude. For example, if soap gets into the eyes while taking a bath, then perhaps they will be ready to wear glasses.


Work with the children, not on them: Teaching children is a very difficult task. Many times people start working only on children, but never on children, they should work with children. Children always learn by watching others, so it is important that you do that work yourself before teaching the children and then motivating the children for it.

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