Papad Curry Recipe: Take a break from green vegetables and try something different, Note the recipe of Papad Curry


Rajasthani Food: Papad Curry is one of the most famous dish of Rajasthan. Hardly anyone would have tasted its taste. It is definitely included in the menu list in the restaurant or any wedding event. You can serve this spicy vegetable for lunch or dinner at any time. You can serve it with roti or rice. When there is no green vegetable in the house or if you are full after eating only one type of vegetable, then you can definitely try this vegetable once. Let's know the recipe of Papad Curry.


Ingredients required to make Papad Curry
-Papad 6
-Coriander Powder 1 tsp
-Tomato medium sized
-ginger 1 inch
-Red chili powder 1 tsp
-Potato cup
-garam masala powder tsp
-Turmeric tsp
-tsp powdered sugar
-Mustard oil 6 tbsp

How to make Papad Curry

To make Papad Curry, first heat a pan for frying papads. Now fry all the papads till they become golden and take them out. Now put cumin seeds in this oil and let it crackle. Add potato pieces to it and fry till golden brown. Now add tomato and ginger paste to it. Add coriander powder to it and fry it by adding salt.
When everything is roasted well, add water to it as per the need of the type of gravy you want. Finally, when the masala starts thickening, break the fried papad and add it. Your papad curry curry is ready. Serve it with rice or hot rice. In the end, you can garnish the vegetable by adding paneer, which will make its taste even more delicious.

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